Great Photojournalism
Nanna Kreutzmann
Dia de la virgen de Guadalupe
Every year on the 12. december the mexicans are celebrating the virgin of Guadalupe, probably the most important religious and cultural symbol in Mexico.
The virgin of Guadalupe is a mixture of indigenous pagan tradition and catholic culture; one theory is that she was presented to the Aztecs as a Christianised mexican goddess, necessary for the clergymen to convert the Indians into catholicism. Today she represent the special relationship between the indigenous peoples of Latin America and the Catholic Church.

The pictures are from The Basilica of the virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City, the worlds second most visited Catholic shrine. On this day it is said that around 5 million people are visiting this holy place, commemorating the virgin of Guadalupes appearances to Saint Juan Diego on the hill of Tepeyac near Mexico City in the year 1531.
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