Great Photojournalism
Martin HaglundMy first impression of Gaderummet. The users are allowed to smoke hash while hard drugs are banned.
Gaderummet, CPH 2005
In september 2005 i spent seven days at Gaderummet in Copenhagen. Here young people who are either homeless or struggling with different problems can come and live, hang out and get help dealing with their problems. They also help some of the users getting jobs.

Gaderummet has a very liberal hashpolicy. But that's the only thing they allow you to use. No beer before the weekend and hard drugs are banned.

I went there for an assignment we got from Teknisk Skole in Taarnby, Amager, where i attended some different photocourses.

This was my first "real reportage" and it made an amazing impact on me meeting the different people using Gaderummet.

I had no journalistic angle or didn't really know what I wanted to tell. All I knew was, that I did't want to take pictures of them smoking hash.
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