Great Photojournalism
John TullyTwo ties sit on a chair in the television studio at St. Anselm College before an interview with Governor Rick Perry.
From the Fringes of the Stage
Politics is New Hampshire. Traditionally, it's the first state in the nation to hold the presidential primary every 4 years. But months before major news outlets swarm to quaint New England towns and diners for the state's busiest week in politics, candidates and voters square off on equal levels asking questions and debunking statements. Before candidates have layers of security acting as buffer and seemingly increasing their image of importance, the large field of candidates begin testing their campaign tactics on every day New Hampshire residents. Residents who, in the trial of grassroots boots-on-the-ground politicking, are the jurors. Presidential candidates took to the state as a dress rehearsal with campaign staff, scripts, and American flags as stage-props. This is a look at the year leading up to the voting on November 6, 2012, just outside the mainstream spotlight and on the fringes of the stage that is democracy in America.
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