Great Photojournalism
John Tully%u201CPeople who come here are full of hope. When these people were in their homeland, they use to work but when they come to Denmark they can%u2019t find jobs,%u201D Mustafa Jama said. Jama was once a troubled teen from Somalia who is now a social worker in Gellerup.
A World Apart
Located in the west section of Aarhus, known as Brabrand, the Gellerupparken housing project is home to 6,000 people of 17 ethnically diverse backgrounds. They live in 1,776 apartments that were built over 30 years ago to house the foreign working population who came to Denmark hoping for a better life.

Not much has changed since then, where now 88% of the residents are foreigners, nationally criticized for not integrating into Danish society. For some in the predominantly Muslim community, the hope of a better life has faded into the poorest place in Denmark with constant pressure to adopt a Danish way of life.
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