Great Photojournalism
Henrik KastenskovTaylor Walton, age 10, throws a rock standing on the seabottom of Glen Cove, Maine, USA, at low tide.
An ordinary Crisis
The worlds' largest economy is reeling: During 2007 and 2008 normal families all over the United States saw a 30% increase in the costs of living, effectively pushing them across an invisible line into poverty.
The sight of children who eat a subsidized or free lunch at school and don’t eat again until they come back the next morning, of older folks who proudly say they’ll “get by” without the food pantry’s monthly donation — but have little more than salad dressing and a couple of eggs in their fridge by month’s end, has become the new 'normal' in the United States under the presidency of George Walker Bush.

Caught between own pride and a system, that's not capable of dealing with a crisis of this magnitude, ordinary working class families finds themselves between the hammer and the anvil.

This is the story of one of those families.
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