Great Photojournalism
Gordon WeltersThe fire spot ist the central place of come together.
Living on wheels - the Wagenburg story
Eight people, six dogs, seven cats, three pigs, the sheeps Pauline and Mrs. Krause, two goats, two guinea pigs, the rabbit Erika and five chickens with one cock live together in the trailer park.
After the eviction from an inner city site, this community formed on the edge of the German town of Potsdam. The trailers are as colourful as the people who inhabit them, just as their interests and as their feelings.
The lack of space in rented accommodation, the desire to live ones life more freely, the search for freedom and closeness to nature are some of the inhabitant´s reasons to live in the trailer park. „You build your own home, just like you want it to be and when you want to go, you just take it with you."
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