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Freddy HagenThe Danish Imam, Abdul Wahid Pedersen, pray in the Mosque in Gode. Ogaden, the Somali region in Ethiopia
A photographic travel Essay in tree chapters


On travel with Danish Muslim Aid, a help organization based in Copenhagen. Danish Muslims has collected finance to build a well in the Somali-district in Ethiopia. The Somali-district shares borders with Somalia. 99% of the population is Ethnic Somalis. They suffer hard because of the drought. 98 % of the populations are Muslim.

The conditions in the Somali-Region are alarming. Drought four years in a row makes it almost impossible for their Nomadic existence. The ongoing fight between the separatist organization Ogaden National Liberation Front [ONLF] and the Ethiopian government hit almost every civilian in the region. In 2008 Human Rights Watch published a document that
claimed crimes committed against Humanity on the civilian population. It also claimed that ONLF committed similar crimes.

Ngo’s and journalists are banned from working in the region.

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. It's a big city of contrasts. Religion and poverty is present everywhere. I stayed there for fourteen days, walking in the streets….


The town Lalibela is well known for its rock-hewn churches. Religion and poverty is present everywhere believers are praying be the churches.
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