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Freddy HagenGirl at a Hizb ut-Tahrir conference in Copenhagen
Muslim diversity and immigration conflicts
Since the outbreak of the Muhammad Crisis, 2005-2006 that created an international protest against the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten and the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, muslims in Denmark have been more visible in the press.

The radical muslim organisation Hizb ut-Tahrir have on many occations protested in the streets of Copenhagen. One demonstration gathered approximately 2.000 protesters againt the reprinting of Kurt Westergaardīs drawing of The Prophet Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. The reprinting of the cartoon was done as a reaction againt the planning of killing him. Two Tunesian refugees were arrested by the Danish Secret Police PET, that claimed to have evidence enough to arrest them for planning the killing.

The Muhammad crisis has on many occations been used as a explanation for violent attacks and vandalism. Is the Vinter school holyday 2008 cars and buildings were burned off. Some of the vandalists claimed that they reacted that way because of the reprinting of the Muhammad cartoon.

The terror attack on the Danish embassy in Islamabad last year got the international media to focus on Denmark and the ongoing debate about integration and bias. At the same time, the Danish National Radio youth program Skum held a Miss Headscarf competition. Politicians claimed that the competition promoted ideas that suppress women and the Islamic organisation Islamisk Trossamfund condemned the competition as something that canīt be accepted for truly muslims. When the winner of the competition, 18 years old Huda Falah got picked out, the picture was shown worldwide.

Muslims in Denmark has also protested against the attempts to reduce the rights to wear headscarf in public.

Denmark donīt have a Muslim Mosque. For years Danish muslims have fought for a mosque. Now the many different muslim fractions are having their sermons in small rooms and in gyms.

Danish muslims have different opinions when it comes to democracy. Hizb ut-Tahrir members donīt wote on Election Day and the organisation Critical Muslims (kritiske muslimer) has openly objected agaist this anti-democratic point of view.

The very idea about how to understand the religion Islam is an issue that Danish muslims are having. Some Muslims finds that arabic language is the only way to worship Allah but the Danish converted Imam Abdul Wahid Pedersen has decided to create a community for danish speaking muslims. His friday prayers are held in Danish, and he often condem the Muslims for having racist ideas about Muslims with other origins than themselves, According to him, Islam is a religion where race do not count.

Islamcritical communities are very strong in Denmark and many government politicians are members of these groups. The Danish organisation, Trykkefrihedsselskabet, has decided to give strong anti-muslim debaters like Kurt Westergaard, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Ibn Warraq free speech prices.

Muslims in Denmark are also protesting against wars in other countries. Danish palestinians has on many occations demonstrated against Israel and the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The Attack on Gaza december 28. december 2008 has created violent protests in Copenhagen on many occations. Sunni- and shiamuslims, secularized danish-palestinians and left wing activists has found a commen issue the protest against.

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