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Freddy HagenThe Disobedience Action in Shut Down The Camp
Shut down the Camp
Shut down the Camp

On October the 25th a massive civil disobedience action took place at the Danish refugee camp: Sandholm Lejren. The two organisations that stood behind the demonstration were Grandparents for Asylum and Stop Deportations.

Sandholm is situated in af area for military practice.

Shut down the Camp write on their homepage:

The Disobedience Action in Shut Down The Camp will be confrontative, but non-violent. You will be able to participate at the level that suits you. In the main demonstration there is room for everybody who wish to act up against racism: young and old, parents with children, experienced and inexperienced demonstrators.

According to the activists, Denmark treats refugees horrible. In a press release they write:

On several occasions the UNHCR has criticised Denmark for not complying with international regulations. Refugees that have risked their life to escape persecution are turned away at the border. Recently we have seen a number of Iraqis being escorted back to Iraq. Many of them have disappeared shortly after their return.

Approximately 1.000 participated in the demonstration. Some confronted the police that responded with massive tear gas and pepper spray. 45 people were arrested and according to the press group the demonstration was a success.
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