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Freddy HagenActivists in front of Copenhagen Airport.
No Borders, No Nations, Stop Deportations

A group of Danish activists have – on several occasions – demonstrated against deportations of Iraqi refugees to Iraq. Twelve Iraqi refugees that have committed crime while in Denmark are sentenced to deportation. Some of the returned criminals are now sitting in Iraqi prison and the Danish government can’t control what happens to them. Deportation to countries, where security against torture or imprisonment cannot be guaranteed, is against Danish law.

The activists have on two occasions tried to stop or delay airplanes that have deported some of the refugees. First time the activists occupied a tjeck-in stand at Copenhagen Airport. 40 people were arrested.

Second time 30 people were arrested.

After these two demonstrations created much media attention the Danish police will not announce when they deport refugees next time. But the activists still demonstrate against deportation, now in front of the Danish Court in Copenhagen on days where the deportation sentences are being executed.

On one occasion the activists forced themselves into the foyer of the Court and started to make so much noise that it could be heard in the court room.

In a interview given to The Copenhagen Post a spokesman said: 'No one can really tell us what's going to happen to these people once they get to Iraq,' and: 'This is utterly irresponsible and completely without compassion, and we feel that gives us the right to stop their airplane.'

The activist motto: No Borders, No Nations, Stop Deportations.

The activists are against violence.
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