Great Photojournalism
Christian AlsA study from 2005 made by the 'Latvian Centre for Human Rights' evaluated the situation of juvenile prisoners in Cesis and gave recommendations how to bring the prison in line with International standards. So far nothing has been done and the prison looks like something out of Soviet Union and not EU 2007.
A Childhood Behind Bars
Latvia's only juvenile prison is situated one hundred kilometres from Riga in the small town of Cesis. With a capacity of up to 140 boys between 14 and 21 years old, it mixes almost half and half Latvian and Russian boys from the entire country. The punishment is hard in the new EU-country, with young boys sitting out a four-year sentence for stealing; others look at lifetime behind bars for murder or rape. As soon as the youngsters turn 21 years they will be transferred to an adult prison elsewhere in Latvia.
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