Great Photojournalism
Christian AlsVillages across northern Uganda have been uprooted. The former residents languish in camps, which are cramped and unsanitary. Food, clean water and medical care are scarce. Malnutrition and diseases such as malaria, scabies and tuberculosis afflict many. Those who leave camp to look for work, firewood or edible plants risk being attacked by the rebels or blown up by mines that litter the landscape. An elderly couple sits in their mudhut in Pabbo IDP camp near Gulu and wait for the monthly food aid supplied by World Food Programme.
The Forgotten War
Lord's Resistance Army continues to wage war against the Ugandan government, whose undisciplined army has committed crimes against civilians, the very people they are supposed to protect. Today, as the war continues into its 22nd year, 1.9 million displaced civilians living in IDP camps (Internally Displaced People) in northern Uganda remain isolated, ignored and unprotected, vulnerable to abuses by both rebel and army forces. In the end of 2006, Lord's Resistance Army decided to once again start negotiations with the Ugandan government and promised to surrender their weapons. Sadly not a single weapon has yet been laid to rest.
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